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Karen Wallaert
Oil and Watercolor Artist

Magnolia Watercolor Painting

I have lived in Ukiah, California since 1970, where I am constantly inspired by the abundant, tranquil, rare beauty of Mendocino County. My earliest childhood memories consist of coloring, sewing, painting, cutting and gluing art. I found great comfort knowing I was an artist. My artistic nature was not to be nurtured by my practical-minded family. It was even discouraged at times, yet my relentless need to be involved in art continued to bubble up in myriad ways, consistently supplying rewards of self-expression, joy and income.

Grape Leaves Watercolor Painting

I could never have too much time for art, paint too much, take too many art classes, work in too many mediums, or have too many art supplies. College classes, private lessons, and self taught techniques piece together the unusual patchwork of my accumulated skills with oil paints and watercolors. I paint for self-fulfillment and am honored that others enjoy my work. My abstract pieces are intended to engage the individual viewer to see or feel something unique and personal, similar to finding images in clouds. My floral, still life, landscape and nature paintings are meant to convey feelings of appreciation, peace and spiritual connectedness to the earth.

Rhino Watercolor Painting

My artistic career reaches far beyond my dominant passion for oil painting and watercolors. I am the owner/artist of the handcrafted jewelry business, Haiku Design. Over the years I have been seriously engaged in pottery, stained glass, interior design, clothing design and construction, photography, knitting, interior decorating, and beading.

I believe people of all ages and cultures should take time for art, to have fun and play with colors and shapes. At the very least, each of us can appreciate the vast artistic endeavors that span children's first attempts to the world's greatest masterpieces. I treasure my memories of time spent in some of the most renowned art museums, including the Louvre, Musée D'Orsay, The National Gallery in London, The Smithsonian Museums and many, many others. I encourage you to visit art museums often. Taking time to enjoy fine art promotes an opening of the mind, a softening of the heart and an awakening the soul, which I think, facilitates deeper appreciation for history, one another and the world we share.